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Campbell , George L.; Moseley, Christopher The Routledge Handbook of Scripts & Alphabets 2012 View
Renganathan, Vasu Tamil Language in Context: A comprehensive Approach to Learning Tamil 2011 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Kamatchi, A. ; Bhagawathiyappan; Selvanathan, Anthony Cemmozhi: The Tamil Tutor 2006 View
Andronov, Mikhail S. A Reference Grammar of the Tamil Language 2004 View
Victor, Clement J. Tamil-English English-Tamil Dictionary and Phrasebook 2004 View
Subbiah, Pon; Balakumar, M. Content Resources for Assessment: Glossary of Terms: Language, Literature, Personality: English-Tamil-English 2002 View
Asher, R. E.; Annamalai, E. Colloquial Tamil: The Complete Course for Beginners 2002 View
Karunakaran, K. Tamil Learner's Manual: Work Book 2002 View
Ramakoti, K. V.; Pruiksma, Thomas H. A Feast for the Tongue: Forty servings of spoken Tamil with helpings of equally spoken English 2002 View
Radhakrishnan, Sankaran Tamil Script Book: Learners Manual 2002 View
Janert, Klaus Ludwig Our Modern Tamil Verbs and Meanings 2002 View
Golden's English-Malay-Tamil Dictionary: Trilingual Explanatory Dictionary for Students 2001 View
Karunakaran, K.; Balakrishnan, R. Intermediate Tamil 2001 View
Karunakaran, K. Tamil-English Pedagogical Dictionary-Cum-Grammar 2001 View
Kothandaraman, Pon Tamil Studies: Selected Papers 2001 View
Kuppusamy, Periannan Kalvi Tamil Teacher 2000 View
Karunakaran, K. Simplified Grammar of Tamil 2000 View
Karunakaran, K. Conversational Tamil 2000 View
Cantiran, Vi Catta-Niruvaka Aruncol Tirattu / Glossary of Legal Administration English-Tamil 2000 View
Shackle, Christopher; Awde, Nicholas Treasury of Indian Love: Poems and Proverbs from the Indian Sub-Continent 1999 View
Upadhyaya, U.P.; Krishnamurthy, N.D.; Sadasivam, M. Conversational Tamil: A Microwave Approach 1999 View
Schiffman, Harold F. A Reference Grammar of Spoken Tamil 1999 View
Hart, Kausalya Tamil for Beginners 1999 View
Mahapatra, Ranganayaki; Chakrabarty, Sukla A Multi Lingual Reader: Spoken Tamil-English-Bengali-Hindi 1998 View
Swamy, Jayalalitha English-Tamil Tamil-English Dictionary 1998 View
Jensen, Herman A Classified Collection of Tamil Proverbs: A Bilingual Edition 1997 View
Kothandaraman, Pon A Grammar of Contemporary Literary Tamil 1997 View
Ramaswami, N. Diglossia: Formal and Informal Tamil 1997 View
Jegtheesh, N. Learn Tamil in 30 Days 1995 View
Zvelebil, Kamil V. Lexicon of Tamil Literature 1995 View
Desai, Jitendra; Kishore, Giriraj Your Language Companion: Indian Languages: Part-I English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada; Part-II English, Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya; Part-III English, Hindi, Urdu, Kashmiri, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi [3 vols.] 1995 View
Chadha, Nisha Multicultural Book of Songs 1994 View
Tevaneyan, Nanamuttan; Mativanan, Iraman Centamilc corpirappiyal perakaramutali [2 vols.] 1993 View
Pope, G. U. A Handbook of the Tamil Language 1993 View
Pillai, V. Visvanatha Tamil and English Dictionary 1993 View
Winslow, M.; Hutchings, S.; Knight, J. Winslow's English-Tamil Dictionary 1992 View
James, Gregory Tamil Lexicography 1991 View
Winslow, M. Winslow's: A Comprehensive Tamil and English Dictionary 1991 View
Daniel, S. G. First Steps in Tamil 1990 View
Vaidyanathan, Sowbhagyalakshmi; Murphy, John D. Tamil Newspaper Reader 1990 View
Nadaraja Pillai, N. Classified Recall Vocabulary in Tamil 1990 View
Lehmann, Thomas A Grammar of Modern Tamil 1989 View
Jensen, Rev. Herman A Dictionary of Tamil Proverbs 1988 View
Lawrence, S. Jean; Renganathan, D. Hand Book Tamil: An Auto Instructional Course 1988 View
Kothandaraman, Pon Tamil Morphemics 1988 View
Canmukacuntaram, Vai Tamil Ankila akarati 1988 View
Peck, Brian M. An Enumerative Bibliography of South Asian Language Dictionaries 1988 View
Tucker, Chandran A Dictionary of English Loan-Words in Modern Tamil: (Contributions towards a Modern Tamil-English Dictionary) 1986 View
Pillai, N. Nadaraja A Guide for Advanced Learners of Tamil 1986 View
Kandiah, A. Modification of Tamil Scripts 1986 View
Rajaram, S. English-Tamil Pedagogical Dictionary 1986 View
Hindi-Tamila-Angrezi tribhasha kosa / Hindi-Tamil-English Trilingual Dictionary [3 vols.] 1986 View
Asher, R. E. Tamil 1985 View
Nannan, Ma Atcik collakarati / Glossary of Administrative Terms 1983 View
Thasarathan, A. An Annotated Bibliography on Modern Tamil Grammars and Tamil Handbooks 1983 View
Sakthivel, S. Tamil Lexicon: Supplement 1982 View
Vermeer, Hans J.; Morath, Angelika The First European Tamil Grammar: A Critical Edition 1982 View
Pope, G. U. A Handbook of the Tamil Language: A Tamil Prose Reader 1982 View
Sakthivel, S. Tamil Lexicon [6 vols.] 1982 View
Pope, G. U. A Handbook of the Tamil Language: A Compendious Tamil-English Dictionary 1981 View
Sakthivel, S. Glossary of Technical Terms of Linguistics / Moliyiyal kalaiccollakarati 1980 View
Pattanayak, D. P.; Thirumalai, M. S. An Introduction to Tamil Script Reading and Writing 1980 View
Paramasivam, K.; Lindholm, James A Basic Tamil Reader and Grammar [2 vols.] 1980 View
Annamalai, E. The "Jim and Raja" Conversations 1980 View
Sakthivel, S. Glossary of Technical Terms in Anthropology / Manitaviyal kalaiccollakarati 1980 View
Kothandaraman, Pon Linguistic Studies in Tamil 1980 View
Rajaram, S. An Intensive Course in Tamil: Dialogues, Drills, Exercises, Vocabulary, Grammar and Word Index 1979 View
Hart, Kausalya; Hart, George L. Beginning Tamil 1979 View
Schiffman, Harold A Grammar of Spoken Tamil 1979 View
Kerslake, Percy C.; Aiyar, C. R. Narayanaswami Tamil Course for European Schools [3] 1978 View
Kerslake, Percy C.; Aiyar, C. R. Narayanaswami Tamil Course for European Schools [4] 1978 View
Dhamotharan, A. Tamil Dictionaries: A Bibliography 1978 View
Kerslake, Percy C.; Aiyar, C. R. Narayanaswami Tamil Course for European Schools [1] 1977 View
Kerslake, Percy C.; Aiyar, C. R. Narayanaswami Tamil Course for European Schools [2] 1977 View
Winslow, Miron; Janert, Klaus Ludwig Tamil-English Dictionary 1977 View
Arunabharathi, N. Glossary of Linguistics, English-Tamil 1976 View
McAlpin, David W. A Core Vocabulary for Tamil: Final Report 1976 View
Anton, H. The Script and Pronunciation of Modern Tamil 1976 View
Johnson, Dora E. Languages of South Asia: A Survey of Materials for the Study of the Uncommonly Taught Langauges 1976 View
Mithram, Vidyarthi; Leeladevi, R. Four Languages Dictionary: English - Malayalam - Hindi - Tamil 1975 View
Kothandaraman, P. A Course in Modern Standard Tamil (Laboratory Manual): Texts and Exercises 1975 View
Schiffman, Harold Intermediate Tamil: A Self-Instructional Method 1975 View
Leeladevi, R. Vidyarthi Mithram Four Languages Dictionary: English-Malayalam-Hindi-Tamil 1975 View
Beschi, Constantius Joseph; Babington, Benjamin Guy A Grammar of the High Dialect of the Tamil Language Called Centamil 1974 View
Pattanayak, D. P.; Thirumalai, M. S.; Rangan, K. Advanced Tamil Reader: (Texts, Notes and Exercises) [1] 1974 View
Pattanayak, D. P. Indian Languages Bibliography of Grammars, Dictionaries, and Teaching Materials 1973 View
Sakthivel, S. The Lifco Dictionary: English-English-Tamil: Words and Meanings [1] 1972 View
Rajaram, S. Tamil Phonetic Reader 1972 View
Schiffman, Harold A Reader for Advanced Spoken Tamil [2 vols.] 1971 View
Asher, R. E.; Radhakrishnan, R. A Tamil Prose Reader 1971 View
Krishnamurthi, S. Learn Tamil in a Month: Easy Method of Learning Tamil through English without a Teacher 197- View
Kamatchinathan, A. The Tirunelveli Tamil Dialect 1969 View
Andronov, M. A Standard Grammar of Modern and Classical Tamil 1969 View
Arden, A. H.; Clayton, A. C. A Progressive Grammar of the Tamil Language 1969 View
Shanmugam Pillai, M. A Tamil Reader for Beginners [1] 1966 View
Lisker, Leigh; Vaidyanathan, S. Students' Manual of Modern Formal Tamil [2 vols.] 1966 View
Raja, N. Kumaraswami; Doraswamy, K. Conversational Tamil 1966 View
Andronov, M. Materials for a Bibliography of Dravidian Linguistics 1966 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Chettiar, A. Chidambaranatha; Appadurai, K. English-Tamil Dictionary 1965 View
Shanmugam Pillai, M. Spoken Tamil [1] 1965 View
Jothimuththu, P. A Guide to Tamil: By the Direct Method 1965 View
Visvanatha Pillai, V. A Tamil-English Dictionary 1963 View
Beinstein, Judith Conversational Tamil 1961 View
Percival, P. An English-Tamil Dictionary 1953 View
Schiffman, Harold F. A Grammar of Spoken Tamil ---- View
UK India ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Schiffman, Harold F.; Renganathan, Vasu Web Assisted Learning and Teaching of Tamil ---- View
Verbix ---- View
Unilang ---- View
The Virtual Audio-Video Archives ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Krishnamoorthy, Karunakaran Intermediate Tamil Book and Audio ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View