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Campbell , George L.; Moseley, Christopher The Routledge Handbook of Scripts & Alphabets 2012 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Yigletu, Askale; Buse, Abdurahim English-Oromo-Amharic Dictionary 2006 View
Qinnaaxxii, Takile The New Oromo Amharic English Dictionary 2006 View
Gebru, Temesgen Learning an Ethiopian Travel Language: Amharic 2006 View
Ayalew, Bezza Tesfaw Amharic Learners' Reference Grammar 2006 View
Ayalew, Bezza Tesfaw Let's Speak Amharic: A Multidimensional Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Amharic as a Foreign Language 2005 View
Zekaria, A. Amharic-English, English- Amharic Dictionary 2004 View
Getahun, Girma Y Advanced Amharic Lexicon: A Supplement to Concise Amharic-English Dictionaries 2003 View
Amberber, Mengistu Verb Classes and Transitivity in Amharic 2002 View
Lemma, Abera Glossary of Professional Terms 2002 View
Leslau, Wolf; Leslau, Wolf; Kane, Thomas L.; Kane, Thomas L. Amharic Cultural Reader 2001 View
Gelaye, Getie Amharic Oral Poems of the Peasantry in East Gojjam 2001 View
Fishman, Joshua A. Can Threatened Languages Be Saved?: Reversing Language Shift, Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Perspective 2001 View
Zewdie, Tamarat Ethiosoft Version 2.1 2000 View
Cantalupo, Charles We Have Our Voice: Selected Poems of Reesom Haile 2000 View
Sado, Al' Aman English-Amharic-Oromic Dictionary 2000 View
Sado, Al' Aman English-Amharic-Oromic Dictionary / Kitaaba-Galmee-Jchootaa / Ingiliffaa-Oromiffaa-Amharffaa 2000 View
Leslau, Wolf Introductory Grammar of Amharic 2000 View
Gizaw, Bahru Zergaw English-Amharic-Oromoo Phrase Book and Dictionary for Travelers 1999 View
Engida, Fisseha; Ayalew, Tishal English-Amharic Medical Glossary: Bridging the Gap: Medical Interpreter Training Materials 1999 View
Leslau, Wolf Amharic 101, Amharic 102, Amharic 103 1998 View
Gudeta, Mulugeta English-Amharic Dictionary 1998 View
Eshetu, Alem Amharic for Foreign Beginners 1998 View
Søiland, Håvard Medical Terms and Phrases in Amharic 1998 View
Mekuria, Hinsene Galmee Jechoota Afaan Oromoo-Amaaraa-Inglizii / Oromo-Amharic-English Dictionary 1998 View
Yadete, Wossine Beshah Jumbo English-Oromo-Amharic Word-Enciclopedia [sic] (Dictionary) / Jaamboo Qarqaaba Jechootaa 1998 View
Gudeta, Mulugeta English-Amharic Idioms Dictionary 1997 View
Yohannes, Gebregeorgis; Gutierrez, Robert ABGD: Ethiopian Alphabet: Amharic-English for Beginners 1997 View
Akilu, Amsalu; Mosback, G.P. English-Amharic Dictionary 1996 View
Gabriel, Tilahun K.; Snow, Catherine Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook 1996 View
Mason, John Tigrinya Grammar 1996 View
Zekaria, A. Dictionary Amharic-English/English-Amharic 1996 View
Gudeta, Mulugeta Modern English-Amharic Children's Dictionary 1996 View
Appleyard, David Colloquial Amharic 1995 View
Leslau, Wolf Reference Grammar of Amharic 1995 View
Harmony English-Afaan ormoo-Amharic Dictionary 1995 View
Kapeliuk, Olga Syntax of the Noun in Amharic 1994 View
Woredework, Ephrem Assefa The Millennium English-Amharic Dictionary: 18000 words / 'Adisu 'Englizena-'Amarena mazgaba qalat 1992 View
Poláček, Zdeněk; Azzänä, Mälaku; Täsfaye, Tamrat A Concise Sociopolitical Dictionary: English-Amharic 1990 View
Kane, Thomas Leiper Amharic-English Dictionary [1] 1990 View
Kane, Thomas Leiper Amharic-English Dictionary [2] 1990 View
Woldegabir, Semere Amharic for Foreigners 1989 View
Kapeliuk, Olga Nominalization in Amharic 1988 View
Aressi, Tuquabo Concise English-Tigrinya Dictionary 1987 View
Azagajoce, Seyum Sebehate Amharic Dictionary of Agriculture 1986 View
Sisaye, Feseha; Dane, Kefele Amharic Dictionary of Nutrition Terms 1986 View
Matafariya, Sayefu; Bevehane, Zawude Amharic Dictionary of Building Construction Terms 1986 View
Sawaye, Tasfaye Amharic Dictionary of Zoology 1986 View
Lapiso, Tito Amharic Dictionary of Medical Terms 1986 View
Bayana, Tadasa Amharic Dictionary of Physics 1986 View
Delnasahu, Besrat; Gaberamareyam, Asafa Amharic Dictionary of Mathematics Terms 1986 View
Asefan, Malaku Amharic Dictionary of Geology 1986 View
Warku, Danacaw Amharic Dictionary of Geography 1986 View
Tadasa, Takala Amharic Dictionary of Electro-Mechanics 1986 View
Kabada, Yelma; Salamon, Tewoderos Amharic Dictionary of Chemistry Terms 1986 View
Beyene, Feqeredenegel Amharic Dictionary of Botany Terms 1986 View
Amare, Getahun The English-Amharic Idioms Dictionary 1986 View
'Ar'aya, Haylu Ya'Amarena yastatestiks mazgaba qalat / Amharic Dictionary of Statistics Terms 1986 View
Dwyer, David J.; Yankee, Everyl African Language Resource Handbook: A Resource Handbook of the Eighty-Two Highest Priority African Languages 1985 View
Kebede, Mulugeta; Murphy, John D. An Amharic Newspaper Reader 1984 View
Bender, M. Lionel; Fulass, Hailu Amharic Verb Morphology 1978 View
Leslau, Wolf Concise Amharic Dictionary: Amharic-English English-Amharic 1976 View
Titov, Evgenii Grigor'evic Modern Ahmaric Language 1976 View
Leslau, Wolf English-Amharic Context Dictionary 1973 View
Leslau, Wolf Intermediate Amharic Cultural Reader 1973 View
Leslau, Wolf Basic Amharic Dictionary: Amharic-English, English-Amharic 1972 View
Frydenlund, Marie ; Svensen, Kristine Amharic For Beginners 1971 View
Leslau, Wolf An Amharic Reference Grammar 1969 View
Barton, Donald K. Fundamentals of Amharic [3 vols.] 1967 View
Leslau, Wolf Amharic Textbook 1967 View
Westermann , D.; Ward, Ida C. Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages 1966 View
Leslau, Wolf An Amharic Textbook of Everyday Usage 1965 View
Obolensky, Serge; Zelelie, Debebow; Andualem, Mulugeta Amharic Basic Course 1964 View
Leslau, Wolf An Annotated Bibliography of the Semitic Languages of Ethiopia [1] 1964 View
Dawkins, C.H. The Fundamentals of Amharic 1960 View
Schramm, Gene M. A Practical Course in the Amharic Language 1954 View
Leslau, Wolf An English-Amharic Dictionary of Everyday Usage, Parts I and II [2 vols.] ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
The 200 Word Project ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Perrault, Roger; Zenebe, Masresha Amharic-English Medical Dictionary ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 113 records (26 Authentic Materials and 87 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
To sort, click on "Materials" or "Title".

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