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Gönczöl , Ramona; Deletant, Dennis Colloquial Romanian: The Complete Course for Beginners 2010 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Carter, Daniel; Churchill, Justin Romanian Lessons 2005 View
Slovnyk 2004 View
Deletant, Dennis; Alexandrescu, Yvonne Teach Yourself Romanian 2003 View
Leviţchi, Leon Dicţionar Român-Englez / Romanian-English Dictionary 2003 View
Cojocaru, Dana You Can Speak Romanian!: Manual de limba română pentru cei care chiar vor s-o înveţe 2003 View
Cojocaru, Dana Romanian Grammar 2003 View
Miroiu, Mihai Romanian-English English-Romanian Dictionary and Phrasebook 2002 View
Năstase, Corneliu; Năstase, Ion; Năstase, Viorica Dicţionar Român-Englez de Medicină şi Biologie 2002 View
Gönczöl-Davies, Ramona; Deletant, Dennis Colloquial Romanian: The Complete Course for Beginners 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Flonta, Teodor A Dictionary of English and Romance Languages Equivalent Proverbs 2001 View
Flonta, Teodor A Dictionary of English and Romanian Equivalent Proverbs 2001 View
Daniliuc, Radu; Daniliuc, Laura A Descriptive Grammar of Romanian 2000 View
Collin, P.H. Dicţionar de politică şi administraţie 2000 View
Saramandu, Manuela PC Volunteers' First Steps in Romanian 1998 View
Duncan, Frederick Henry; Caracota-Dimitriu, Maria English-Romanian Dictionary of Accounting, Economic and Financial Terms 1998 View
Miroiu, Mihai Romanian-English / English-Romanian Dictionary 1996 View
Laun, Flavia Birotics and Telecommunications Explanatory Dictionary / Dicţionar explicativ de birotică şi telecomunicaţii 1996 View
Botoman, Rodica Discover Romanian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture. 1995 View
Hoffman, Christina N. Romanian 1995 View
Doca, Gheorghe Acquisition Grammar of Romanian 1995 View
Condratov, Daniel; Dydynski, Krzysztof; Katalin, Koronczi Eastern Europe Phrasebook 1994 View
Gall, Dana Beginner's Romanian 1994 View
Norman, Jillian Romanian Phrase Book and Dictionary 1994 View
Schönkron, Marcel Romanian-English English-Romanian Dictionary 1994 View
Dobrovie-Sorin, Carmen The Syntax of Romanian: Comparative Studies in Romance 1994 View
Pop, Liana Le Roumanian avec ou sans Professeur / Romanian with or without a Teacher / Româna cu sau fara Profesor 1993 View
Miroiu, Mihai Romanian Conversation Guide 1993 View
Scarborough, Annie; Deletant, Dennis; Alexandrescu, Yvonne Romanian Travel Pack 1993 View
Alexandrescu, Yvonne; Deletant, Dennis Romanian Phrase Book 1993 View
Habian, George Dictionary: English-Romanian Romanian-English 1993 View
Bantas, Andrei NTC's Romanian and English Dictionary 1993 View
Deletant, Dennis; Alexandrescu, Yvonne Teach Yourself Romanian: A Complete Course for Beginners 1992 View
Hoffman, Christina N.; Scarborough, Annie Romanian / Romana: Language/30 1992 View
Hoffman, Christina Romanian Grammar 1991 View
Bantas, Andrei Dictionar Englez-Roman 1991 View
Galea, Ileana; Criveanu, Irina; Ivas, Angela Dictionar englez-roman de expresii verbale: (cu exercitii aplicative) 1991 View
Agard, Frederick Browning; Petrescu-Dimitriu, Magdalena Spoken Romanian [2 vols.] 1990 View
Brancus, Grigore; Ionescu, Adriana; Saramandu, Manuela Limba Romana 1990 View
Zagaevskii, V. K. Studii de Gramatike Dialektale Komparate 1990 View
Roceric, Alexandra; Hassing, Anca M. Romanian Textbook 1989 View
Hoffman, Christina N. Romanian Reference Grammar 1989 View
Mathuna, Liam Mac The Less Widely Taught Languages of Europe: Proceedings of the Joint United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, International Association of Applied Linguistics, and Irish Association of Applied Linguistics Symposium 1988 View
Mallinson, Graham Rumanian 1986 View
Useriu, Eugenia; Constantinescu, M. Fragments from People's Life: Seven Conferences / Franturi din viata poporului 1985 View
Besuan, Tudor Dictionar minimal de informatica englez-roman / roman-englez: pentru uzul studentilor 1985 View
Bezírís, Anton; Popa, Constantín; Scurtu, Gheorghe Dictionar maritim Roman-Englez 1985 View
Panovf, Irina New Pocket Romanian Dictionary: Romanian-English, English-Romanian 1985 View
Golab, Zbigniew; Polenakovic, Haralampie The Arumanian Dialect of Krusevo in SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia / Aromanskiot Krusevski Dialekt vo SR Makedonija, SFR Jugoslavija 1984 View
Todeasa, Cornel English-Romanian Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist 1984 View
Carlton, Charles M. Romanian-Language Teaching: A Century of Pedagogical Materials Published Outside Romania 1984 View
Tataru, Ana Dictionar de pronuntare a limbii romane [2 vols.] 1984 View
Levitchi, Leon; Bantas, Andrei English-Romanian Dictionary 1984 View
Augerot, James E.; Popescu, Florin D. Modern Romanian 1983 View
Deletant, Dennis Colloquial Romanian 1983 View
Carlton, Charles M. Teaching Romanian: Theory and Practice 1983 View
Cazacu, Boris; Chiosa, Clara Georgeta; Marioteanu, Matilda Caragiu A Course in Contemporary Romanian: An Introduction to the Study of Romanian (for Foreign Students) 1982 View
Miroiu, Mihai English-Romanian Conversation Book 1982 View
Miroiu, Mihai Ghid de conversatie: roman-englez 1982 View
Nicolescu, Adrian; Pamfil-Teodoreaunu, Liliana; Preda, Ioan Dictionar frazeologic englez-roman 1982 View
Breaban, M. L.; Ionescu, L. Dictionar de metalurgie roman-englez 1982 View
Botoman, Rodica C.; Corbin, Donald E.; Walters, E. Garrison Imi place limba romana 1981 View
Niculescu, Alexandru; Bantas, Andrei Outline History of the Romanian Language 1981 View
Bantas, Andrei; Gheorghitoiu, Andreea; Levitchi, Leon Dictionar frazeologic roman-englez 1981 View
Iliescu, Maria; Neagu, Valeria; Nedelcu, Carmen Vocabularul minimal al limbii romane: Cu traducere in limbile engleza, franceza, spaniola pentru studenti straini 1981 View
Parlog, Hortensia The Consonants of English and Romanian 1979 View
Habian, George English Romanian, Romanian English Dictionary 1979 View
Tataru, Ana The Pronunciation of Rumanian and English: Two Basic Contrastive Analyses 1978 View
Parlog, Hortensia The Vowel Sounds of English and Romanian 1978 View
Rosetti, A.; Eretescu, Sanda Golopentia Current Trends in Romanian Linguistics [Vol. 23, nos. 1 to 4] 1978 View
Du Nay, André The Early History of the Rumanian Language 1977 View
Alexandrescu, Sorin Transformational Grammar and the Rumanian Language 1977 View
Iliescu, Maria Grundwortschatz Rumaenisch: Deutsch-Englisch-Franzosisch 1977 View
Chavdarov, S. Terminologicheskii slovar' po informatike 1975 View
Augerot, James E. Romanian Phonology: A Generative Phonological Sketch of the Core Vocabulary of Standard Romanian 1974 View
Du Nay, André Further Developments in Contrastive Studies 1974 View
Nandris, Grigore Learn Rumanian For English Speakers 1974 View
Levitchi, Leon Dictionar englez-roman 1974 View
Panovf, Irina Dictionar Englez-Roman (Pentru Uzul Elevilor) 1974 View
Vorvoreanu, Gabriela; Norman, Jillian Romanian Phrase Book 1973 View
Bantas, Andrei Dictionar de Buzunar Englez-Roman, Roman-Englez 1973 View
Cartianu, Virginia; Farca, Eugenia; Popescu, Adrian Dictionar de Management si Marketing: Englez-Roman, Roman-Englez 1973 View
Levitchi, Leon; Bantas, Andrei Dictionar roman-englez 1973 View
Vasiliu, Emanuel; Golopentia-Eretescu, Sanda; Constantinescu, Ilinca The Transformational Syntax of Romanian 1972 View
Ionescu, Florin Dictionar de americanisme 1972 View
Bibicescu, Gheorghe; Tudorica, Andrei; Scurtu, Gh. Lexicon maritim englez-Roman: cu termeni corespondenti in limbile: franceza, germana, spaniola, rusa 1971 View
Juilland, Alphonse G.; Edwards, P. M. H. The Rumanian Verb System 1971 View
Delarascruci, Oltea; Iliescu, Maria; Anghelache, Valentin Curs de limba romana / A Romanian Course for Beginners / Manual pentru incepatori [1] 1971 View
Popescu, Ion; Pavlovici, Smaranda; Anghelache, Valentin Curs de Limba Romana / Course in Romanian [2] 1971 View
Bantas, Andrei Mic Dictionar Roman-Englez 1971 View
Simeon, Rikard Dictionar poliglot economic si de comert exterior: romana, franceza, engleza, germana, spaniola, rusa 1970 View
Gall, Dana Romanian Basic Course [8 vols.] 1970 View
Stefanescu-Draganesti, Virgiliu; Murrell, Martin Teach Yourself Books: Romanian 1970 View
Levitchi, Leon Dictionar tehnic: roman-englez 1970 View
Jelavich, Charles Language and Area Studies: East Central and Southeastern Europe, a Survey 1969 View
Eliade, Mircea; Niculescu, Mihai; Tappe, Eric Fantastic Tales 1969 View
Bantas, Andrei; Radulescu, Mihai Capcanele vocabularului englez 1967 View
Gould, S. H.; Obreanu, P. E. Romanian-English Dictionary and Grammar for the Mathematical Sciences 1967 View
Levitki, Leon; Marin, Constantin Dictionar tehnic: englez-roman 1967 View
Petrescu-Dimitriu, Magdalena Romanian: Interpreting Lessons (English) Lessons 1-60 [1] 1966 View
Petrescu-Dimitriu, Magdalena Romanian: Interpreting Lessons (Romanian) Lessons 1-60 [2] 1966 View
Nandris, Grigore Colloquial Rumanian: Grammar, Exercises, Reader, Vocabulary 1966 View
Andronescu, Serban Dictionar de buzunar englez-roman 1966 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Bogdan, Mihail; Trifu, Sever; Cazon, Ileana Dictionar Englez-Roman 1965 View
Vasiliu, G. D. Dictionar Cinegetic Romîn, Francez, German, Englez 1965 View
Juilland, Alphonse; Edwards, P. M. H.; Juilland, Ileana Frequency Dictionary of Rumanian Words 1965 View
Cartianu, Ana; Levitchi, Leon; Stefanescu-Draganesti, Virgil An Advanced Course in Modern Rumanian [2] 1964 View
Cristo-Loveanu, Elie The Romanian Language 1963 View
Anghelache, Valentin Romanian: Basic Course, Lessons 1-15 (Complete Text) [1] 1962 View
Sadeanu, Florenta English-Rumanian Conversation Book / Ghid de conversatie englez-romin 1962 View
Radulescu, Mihai Romanian: Romania Before and After The Second World War: Lessons I-X 1959 View
Cartianu, Ana; Levitchi, Leon; Stefanescu-Draganesti, Virgil A Course in Modern Rumanian [1] 1958 View
Levitchi, Leon Romanian: Military Terminology Word List: English-Romanian Romanian-English 1957 View
Tappe, E. D. Rumanian Prose and Verse: A Selection with an Introductory Essay 1956 View
Seiver, George O. Introduction to Romanian 1953 View
Seiver, George O. Romanian Pronunciation Course 1953 View
Levitchi, Leon Romanian-English Dictionary [Vols. 1-2] 1953 View
Burz, Alexander; Ocneanu, Traian; Vasu, Leon The Romanian Verb: Vocabulary [1] 1951 View
Crowley, W. Irving Elements of Roumanian: Basic Course 1944 View
Gall, Dana History of Romania 19-- View
Gall, Dana Military Terminology Word List 19-- View
Gall, Dana Supplementary Materials for Romanian Basic Course [2 vols.] 19-- View
Gall, Dana Tactical Order of Battle, Question Guide 19-- View
Miroiu, Mihai Military Terminology 19-- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Verbix ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Romanian-English Online Dictionary ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 173 records (36 Authentic Materials and 137 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
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