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Holton, David; Mackridge, Peter; Philippaki-Warburton, Irene Greek: A Comprehensive Grammar 2012 View
Campbell , George L.; Moseley, Christopher The Routledge Handbook of Scripts & Alphabets 2012 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Zaphiris, Panayiotis Learn Greek Online! 2006 View
Smith, Elisabeth Instant Greek 2006 View
Uhlig, Elizabeth G. Beginner’s Greek with 2 Audio CDs 2006 View
Collins Greek Phrase Book and Dictionary 2005 View
Georgacas, Demetrius J. A Modern Greek-English Dictionary: A [1] 2005 View
Basic Modern Greek 2005 View
Slovnyk 2004 View
Kambas, Michael O. Greek-English English-Greek Dictionary 2004 View
Holton, David; Mackridge, Peter; Philippaki-Warburton, Irene Greek: An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language 2004 View
Watts, Niki Colloquial Greek: The Complete Course for Beginners 2004 View
Garoufalia-Middle, Hara Conversational Greek in 7 Days 2004 View
Uhlig, Elizabeth G. Beginner's Greek 2003 View
Matsukas, Aristarhos Beginner's Greek 2003 View
Stavropoulos, D.N.; Stavropoulos, G.N. Oxford English-Greek Learner's Dictionary 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Bayraktaroğlu, Arin; Sifianou, Maria Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries: The Case of Greek and Turkish 2001 View
Economides, Athena Oxford Take off in Greek 2001 View
Modern Greek: The Short Course 2001 View
Essential Greek Phrase Book 2001 View
Pring, J. T. The Pocket Oxford Greek Dictionary: Greek-English English-Greek 2000 View
Callimassia, Markella A.; Mikkelsen, Markella Greek Phrasebook with Two-Way Dictionary 2000 View
Mikkelsen, Markella The Rough Guide Dictionary Phrasebook: Greek 2000 View
Magazis, George A. Word Master: English-Greek Greek-English Dictionary 2000 View
Watts, Niki The Oxford Greek Dictionary 2000 View
Berlitz European Menu Reader: For Eating Out in Over 25 Countries 1999 View
Stone, Tom The Essential Greek Handbook 1999 View
Lexus Greek: A Rough Guide Dictionary Phrasebook 1999 View
Ioannides, Ioannis A. A Simplified Modern Greek Grammar in English 1999 View
Kakoura, Alison; Rich, Karen Talk Greek: The Ideal Course for Absolute Beginners 1999 View
Sheliia, M. D. Hippocrene Standard Dictionary: Greek-English English-Greek 1998 View
Stone, Tom Greek-English English-Greek Dictionary and Phrasebook 1998 View
Stone, Tom Greek Cassette Pack with Phrase Book 1998 View
Watts, Niki The Oxford Greek Minidictionary: Greek-English English-Greek 1998 View
Obolensky, Serge Mastering Greek: Hear It, Speak It, Write It, Read It 1998 View
Matsukas, Aristarhos Teach Yourself Greek Complete Course 1998 View
Tsirpanlis, Constantine N. Greek Phrase Book 1998 View
Watts, Niki Greek in Three Months 1998 View
Greek Phrase Book and Dictionary 1998 View
Kanlis, Angelos Greek Through the Internet 1997 View
Pagoeta, Mikel Edoria Morris; Arretxe, Izaskun; van Driesum, Rob Western European Phrasebook 1997 View
Mackridge, Peter; Holton, David; Philippaki-Warburton, Irene Greek: A Comprehensive Grammar of the Modern Language 1997 View
Easy Language: 17 Language Edition 1996 View
Magazis, George A. Langenscheidt's Standard Greek Dictionary: Greek-English English-Greek 1996 View
Berlitz European CD Pack 1995 View
Hellander, Paul Greek Phrasebook 1995 View
Webb, Barbara; Manton, Michael Yachtsman's Ten Language Dictionary: English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek 1995 View
Ellis, D.L.; Rapi, H.; Baldwin, J. Just Enough Greek 1995 View
Stone, Tom CD Greek 1994 View
Watts, Niki Colloquial Greek 1994 View
Papafthemiou, Achilles; Scarborough, Annie Language/30 Greek 1994 View
Chadha, Nisha Multicultural Book of Songs 1994 View
Stansfield, Charles W.; Galloway, Ann Survey of Materials Development Needs in the Less Commonly Taught Languages: Final Report 1993 View
Stone, Tom Greek Phrase Book and Dictionary 1993 View
Stone, Tom Greek CD Pack 1993 View
Douvartzides, Tassos; Gelt, Draga; Marshall, Albert Mediterranean Europe Phrasebook 1992 View
Karagiorgos An English-Greek Dictionary of Idiomatic Expressions 1992 View
Marcopoulos-Gambarotta, Eleni; Scamp, Jennifer Just Listen 'n Learn Greek: The Fastest Way to Real Greek 1992 View
Pring, J.T. Langenscheidt's Standard Dictionary: Greek 1991 View
Delicostopoulos, Athan J. A Multilingual Dictionary of Banking, Commercial and Financial Terms 1991 View
Watts, Niki Conversational Modern Greek in 20 Lessons 1990 View
Nathanail, Paul NTC's New College Greek and English Dictionary 1990 View
Selected Materials for Elementary and Secondary Less-Commonly Taught Languages: Arabic, Cambodian, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hmong, Indochinese, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Latin, Pilipino, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese 1989 View
Manitoba Department of Education Heritage Language Resources: An Annotated Bibliography 1989 View
Lipton, Gladys C. The Many Faces of Foreign Language in the Elementary School: FLES, FLEX and Immersion 1985 View
Nathanail, Paul Greek Dictionary 1985 View
Farmakides, Anne Advanced Modern Greek 1983 View
Bien, Peter; Rassias, John; Yiannakou-Bien, Chrysanthi Demotic Greek I 1983 View
Farmakides, Anne A Manual of Modern Greek [2] 1983 View
Gonzales, Tony; O'Connor, Roger Foreign Language Folio: A Guide to Cultural Resources and Field Trip Opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area for Teachers and Students of Foreign Languages, 1983-85 1983 View
Bien, Peter; Rassias, John; Yiannakou-Bien, Chrysanthi Workbook for Demotic Greek II: The Flying Telephone Booth 1982 View
Mandeson, Arnold A Complete Greek-English Dictionary 1980 View
Christides, Vassilios; Tsirpanlis, Constantine N. 201 Modern Greek Verbs: Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses, Alphabetically Arranged 1980 View
Chambers, Joanna Fountain Hey Miss! You Got a Book for Me? A Model Multicultural Resource Collection: Annotated Bibliography 1980 View
Gougher, Ronald L. Self-Instructional Language Programs: An Introduction 1979 View
National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education Sources of Materials for Minority Languages: A Preliminary List 1978 View
Farmakides, Anne Modern Greek Reader II 1978 View
Verhoeven, Ludo Th. West Europe: Reference Aid. Abbreviations, Acronyms and Special Terms in the Press of Greece and Cyprus 1977 View
Oboloensky, Serge Greek: A Guide to the Spoken Language 1976 View
Tsirpanlis, Constantine N. Subject Area Glossary: Greek-English Vocabulary. 1975 View
Katranides, Aristotle A Review Grammar of Modern Greek: Translation Drills for English Speakers 1974 View
Kahane, Henry Spoken Greek [2] 1972 View
Kahane, Henry Spoken Greek [1] 1972 View
Fiks, Alfred I. Foreign Language Programmed Materials: 1969 1969 View
Jelavich, Charles Language and Area Studies: East Central and Southeastern Europe, a Survey 1969 View
Boyd-Bowman, Peter Self-Instruction in the Non-Western Languages: A Manual for Program Directors 1969 View
Pappageotes, George C.; Emmanuel, Philip D. Modern Greek in a Nutshell 1967 View
Oboloensky, Serge Greek Basic Course 1967 View
Hammer, John H.; Rice, Frank A. A Bibliography of Contrastive Linguistics 1965 View
Divry, George C. Divry's Modern English-Greek and Greek-English Desk Dictionary 1964 View
Mandeson, Arnold Teleio Angloellaeniko lexico 1961 View
Sapountzis, P.; Sapountzis, A.; Hodge, C. T. Greek Intermediate Reader 1961 View
Pappageotes, George Say It in Modern Greek 1956 View
UK India ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Global Language Online Support System (G.L.O.S.S.) ---- View
Pronunciator ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
Vocabulary Flashcards ---- View
Eisenberg, J. David An Introduction to Modern Greek ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Goethe Tests ---- View
Quia ---- View
Unilang ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 212 records (102 Authentic Materials and 110 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
To sort, click on "Materials" or "Title".

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ABYZ News Links: media portal Audio; Periodicals; Video View
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Kathimerini: online newspaper Periodicals View
Ta Nea Periodicals View
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Aegean Times Periodicals View
Dimokratiki Periodicals View
Dimotiko Mellon Periodicals View
Eleftheria Periodicals View
Evia News Fun & Games; Periodicals View
Patris: regional online newspaper Fun & Games; Periodicals; Schedule View
Proti Fun & Games; Periodicals View
Stigmes AM provider; Periodicals View online economics news Periodicals View
Express: online business news Periodicals; Website View
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4 Troxoi: automotive website Periodicals View
Art Topos: online magazine Periodicals View
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Hellenic Diplomacy & Defence: magazine Periodicals View
Difono Periodicals View
Efoplistis: online shipping news Periodicals View
Evropaiki Ekfrasi: online magazine Periodicals View
Focus Periodicals View
Hxos & HiFi Periodicals View
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Moto: motorcycle website Website View
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Flash: online news portal Audio; Fun & Games; Periodicals; Schedule View
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KISS FM: online radio station Audio; Schedule View
ERT On Line: radio and television website Audio; Video View
Galaxy92: online radio station Audio View online retail store AM provider; Audio; Book collection; Software; Video View
Faith Comes By Hearing: audio website AM provider; Audio View
Greek National Geographic Magazine website Periodicals View
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Intercity bus tickets Other text material View
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Canned-milk label Product label View
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Wikipedia Website View
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Cyprus News Agency Website View
Kidon media link AM provider; Audio; Periodicals; Video View
Lyrikline poetry website Audio; Other text material View
Computer donation website Website View
Southeast European Times Periodicals View
Tongue twisters in many languages Fun & Games View
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