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AuthorTitleYear 2007 View
Abdinoor, Abdullahi Af Soomaali Aan Ku Hadalno (Hadallo) 2007 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Hashi, Awil A.; Hashi, Abdirahman A. Aasaasi Essential English-Somali Dictionary 2004 View
Turhan, Sedat ; Hagin, Sally Milet Picture Dictionary: English-Somali 2003 View
Dubnov, Helena A Grammatical Sketch of Somali 2003 View
Korshel, Mohamud English-Somali Somali-English Dictionary / Ingirisi-Soomaali Soomaali-Ingirisi Qaamuus 2002 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Ayanle, Nadifo; Girardin, Melissa A Somali Alphabet / Alfabeetadda Soomaaliyeed 2001 View
Aherns, Joy; Hashi-Aldus, Awralla The Night You Were Born, Cherished One / Habeynkaad Dhalatay Dhoodo 2001 View
Mahmout, Ülfet; Thompson, Alan My Life Story 2001 View
Awde, Nicholas; Axmed, Cabdulqaadir Xaaji Cali Xaaji; Orwin, Martin Somali: Somali-English English-Somali Dictionary and Phrasebook 2000 View
Somach, Susan D.; Ahmed, Hussein; Omar, Sulekha Ingiriisi-Soomaali Odhaaho iyo Ereyo Wax Tar ah: loogu talo galay dadka ka yimi Soomaaliya / English-Somali Phrasebook with Useful Wordlist: for People from Somalia 2000 View
Saeed, John Somali 1999 View
Jama, Adam Mantra's English-Somali Words for School 1999 View
Ali, Deqa; Hassan, Zahara; Bertel, Aden English-Somali Medical Glossary: Bridging the Gap: Medical Interpreter Training Materials 1999 View
Merton Language and Achievement Project Mantra's Somali-English Phrases for School 1998 View
HAAN Associates English-Somali Dictionary / Qaamuus Ingiriisi-Soomaali: Advanced Level 1998 View
HAAN Associates Somali-English Thesaurus / Qaamuuska 'Tesooras' Soomaali-Ingiriisi 1997 View
Varma, Babita Star Children's Pictorial Dictionary: with over 1,000 English Words Classified in 14 Topics 1997 View
Tosco, Mauro Af Tunni: Grammar, Texts, and Glossary of a Southern Somali Dialect 1997 View
Iftin's Super Handbook: English-Somali Reference Guide 1996 View
Mahamued, Abdirahman C. Computer Dictionary: English-Somali Somali-English / Qamuuska Kombiyuutarka: Ingiriis-Somaali Somaali-Ingiriis 1995 View
Hashi, Abdirahman A. Fiqi's Somali English Dictionary 1995 View
HAAN Associates Somali Activity Book [1] 1994 View
Chadha, Nisha Multicultural Book of Songs 1994 View
Langer, Jennifer; Fuller, Susan ESOL Refugee Pack Bilingual Materials: Somali/English 1993 View
Saeed, John Ibrahim Somali Reference Grammar 1993 View
Virani, Zaitun; Jama, Abdi; Oliver, Jenny Presents of Love 1993 View
Peate, Wayne F. English-Somali Phrase Book of Common and Medical Terms 1993 View
Zorc, R. David; Osman, Madina M. Somali-English Dictionary with English Index 1993 View
Qani, Abdi-Asis Muhumed; Berchem, Jörg ; Muhamad, Ali OMIMEE's English-Somali Dictionary / Qaamuuska Af-Ingiriis - Af-Soomaali 1993 View
Osman, Madina; Zorc, R. David Somali Handbook 1992 View
Study Companion: Word List: Geography / Eraybixinta: Juqraafi 1992 View
Study Companion: Word List: Social Studies / Eraybixinta: Cilmiga Bulshada 1992 View
Study Companion: Word List: Science / Eraybixinta: Saynis 1992 View
Study Companion: Word List: Technology / Eraybixinta: Teknooloji 1992 View
Study Companion: Word List: Mathematics / Eraybixinta: Xisaab 1992 View
Warfa, Warfa Jama New Somali-English and English-Somali Dictionary 1992 View
Farah, Jawahir Abdulla Somali Learner's Dictionary / Qaamuuska Barashada Ingiriis-Soomaali 1992 View
Zorc, R. David; Issa, Abdullahi A. Somali Textbook 1990 View
Osman, Jeilani Abdullahi New Ifiye English-Somali Dictionary 1990 View
Varma, Babita; Varma, Sangeeta Star Concise Pictorial Dictionary: Over 700 Words in Pictures: English-Somali 1990 View
Schels, Christa Vocabulary: English-Somali Somali-English 1989 View
Issa, Abdullahi A. Somali Common Expressions 1987 View
Luling, Virginia Somali-English Dictionary 1987 View
Lamberti, Marcello; Zaborski, Andrzej Map of the Somali Dialects in the Somali Democratic Republic: with Supplement: Speech Variation in Somalia 1986 View
Warner, John Somali Grammar [1] 1985 View
Warner, John Somali Grammar [2] 1985 View
Warner, John Somali Grammar [3] 1985 View
Issa, Abdullahi A.; Murphy, John D. Somali Newspaper Reader 1984 View
Carter, Joy; Miller, Keith La Soco af Soomaaliga / Go Along with the Somali Language: Student's Book 1984 View
Saeed, John Ibrahim The Syntax of Focus and Topic in Somali 1984 View
Issa, Abdullahi A.; Murphy, John D. A Somali Newspaper Reader 1984 View
Saeed, John I. Central Somali: a Grammatical Outline 1982 View
Gleeson, Joseph; Awad, Omar; Rorick, David Iska Wax u Qabso / Self Help: A Somali Language Learning Manual 1981 View
Laitin, David D. Politics, Language, and Thought: The Somali Experience 1977 View
Nakano, Aki'o Basic Vocabulary in Standard Somali 1975 View
Bell, C.R.V. The Somali Language 1969 View
Armstrong, Lilias E. The Phonetic Structure of Somali 1969 View
Pia, J.J.; Molitor, R.D. Reading in Somali: An Elementary Cultural Reader: Reader [1] 1969 View
Pia, J.J.; Molitor, R.D. Reading in Somali: An Elementary Cultural Reader: Pony and Glossary [2] 1969 View
Westermann , D.; Ward, Ida C. Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages 1966 View
Andrzejewski, B.W. Declensions of Somali Nouns 1964 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Suleiman, Anita Somali-English Phrasebook for School Use ---- View
Pia, J.J.; Black, P.D.; Samater, M.I. Beginning in Somali ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Global Language Online Support System (G.L.O.S.S.) ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
Gibson, Craig Digital Dialects language learning games ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View