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Shumba, Martin Martin Shumba's Shona Language 2007 View
Mawadza, Aquilina Ngativerenge Shona 2006 View
Mawadza, Aquilina Ngatitaure Shona 2006 View
Jamali, Peter; Schleicher, Antonia Folarin; Mawadza, Aquilina Shona Learner's Reference Grammar 2005 View
Smith, Cameron Introductory Shona Language 2004 View
Mawadza, Aquilina Beginner's Shona: ChiShona 2003 View
Mawadza, Aquilina M. Shona Newspaper Reader and Reference Grammar 2003 View
101 Languages of the World 2002 View
Mawadza, Aquilina Shona-English English-Shona Dictionary and Phrasebook 2000 View
Stewart, William A. African Phrase Book: 12 Key Languages Spoken Across Africa 1997 View
van Wyk, Ben-Erik; van Oudtshoorn, Bosch; Gericke, Nigel Medicinal Plants of South Africa 1997 View
Ruzhowa, Dambudzo Learning Shona 1997 View
Brauner, Siegmund A Grammatical Sketch of Shona 1995 View
Bernsten, Jan; Natsa, Albert; Ross, Ken Zvidzidzo Zvekutanga Chishona / An Introduction to Shona 1992 View
Kahari, George P. Herbert W. Chitepo's Epic Poem: Soko Risina Musoro / The Tale Without a Head: A Critique 1988 View
Vieth, Harald Fambai zvakanaka muZimbabwe / Have a nice trip in Zimbabwe 1988 View
Kahari, George P. Soko Risina Musoro: The Tale Without a Head, A Critique 1988 View
Hamatyinei, Mordikai A.; Plangger, Albert B. Tsumo-Shumo: Shona Proverbial Lore and Wisdom 1987 View
Munjanja, A.M. Everyday Shona and English 1987 View
Dembetembe, N. A Linguistic Study of the Verb in Korekore 1987 View
Carter, Hazel; Kahari, G. P. An Introductory Shona Reader with Grammatical Sketch [2 vols.] 1986 View
Dwyer, David J.; Yankee, Everyl African Language Resource Handbook: A Resource Handbook of the Eighty-Two Highest Priority African Languages 1985 View
Dale, D. Shona Mini Companion 1984 View
Bruehwiler, K. K. O-Level Shona Grammar 1983 View
Matimba, Patrick James Shona: The Easiest and Quickest Way 1982 View
Hodza, A.C. Shona Registers [3] 1982 View
Dale, D. Duramazwi: Shona-English Dictionary 1981 View
Carter, Hazel; Kahari, G. P. Shona Language Course Books I, II, and III [3 vols.] 1981 View
Fortune, G. Shona Grammatical Constructions [2] 1981 View
Fortune, G. Shona Grammatical Constructions [1] 1981 View
Berlyn, Phillippa Easy Steps to Conversational Shona 1981 View
Hodza, A.C.; Fortune, G. Shona Registers [2] 1977 View
Dale, Desmond A Basic English-Shona Dictionary 1975 View
Hodza, A.C.; Fortune, G. Shona Registers [1] 1975 View
Hannan, M. Standard Shona Dictionary 1974 View
Fortune, George A Guide to Shona Spelling 1972 View
Fivaz, Derek; Ratzlaff, Jeanette Shona Language Lessons, New Edition 1972 View
Dale, D. Shona Companion 1972 View
Westermann , D.; Ward, Ida C. Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages 1966 View
Stevick, Earl W.; Mataranyika, Matthew Shona Basic Course 1965 View
Fortune, G. Elements of Shona: Zezuru Dialect 1957 View
Fortune, G. An Analytical Grammar of Shona 1955 View
Biehler, E. A Shona Dictionary with an Outline Shona Grammar 1950 View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Mbeje, Audrey N. Online Multimedia Vocabulary and Pronunciation Project ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
Yannucci, Lisa Children's rhymes and songs ---- View
Verbix ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View