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Chekaraou, Ibro Mù Zântā Dà Harshèn Hausa 2008 View
Ager, Simon Omniglot: A Guide to Writing Systems 2006 View
Shuaibu, A. Hausa Language Made Simple: for L1 and L2 Learners 2003 View
Maikanti, Sale A Basic Course for Hausa Learners 2003 View
Schuh, Russell G. Hausa 2002 View
Jaggar, Philip J. Hausa 2001 View
Buba, Malami Hausa: a Ten Lesson Course in Elementary Spoken and Written Hausa 2001 View
Fishman, Joshua A. Can Threatened Languages Be Saved?: Reversing Language Shift, Revisited: A Twenty-First Century Perspective 2001 View
Newman, Paul The Hausa Language: An Encyclopedic Reference Grammar 2000 View
Abu-Manga, Al-Amin Hausa in the Sudan: Process of Adaptation to Arabic 1999 View
Momoh, E.A. Easy Way to Learn English, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo 1997 View
Awde, Nicholas Treasury of African Love: Poems and Proverbs 1997 View
Stewart, William A. African Phrase Book: 12 Key Languages Spoken Across Africa 1997 View
Baki, Alhaji Issah Alhassan Modern Dictionary of English, Arabic, and Hausa 1997 View
Newman, Paul African Linguistic Bibliographies: Hausa and the Chadic Language Family [6] 1996 View
Bepo, Adebisi; Uzodimma, Iwuoha; Suleilan, Hamisu Aliyu Nigerian Folkloric Stories for Second Language Learners of Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba 1996 View
Skinner, Neil Hausa Comparative Dictionary 1996 View
Awde, Nicholas Hausa-English English-Hausa Dictionary 1996 View
Baba, M.G. Grammar in Hausa 1996 View
Jaggar, Philip J. Hausa Newspaper Reader 1996 View
Iwuọha-Ụzọdịmma; Sanka, Attahir Umar; Hamisu, Suleiman An Introduction to Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba Grammar for Schools and Colleges 1996 View
Bross, Michael; Baba, Ahmad Tela Dictionary of Hausa Crafts: a Dialectal Documentation / Kamus na Sana'o'in Hausa: Bincike Kan Karin Harshen Hausa 1996 View
Edoziem, Jude Teach Yourself Hausa in Two Weeks / Koyi Da Kanka Turanci A mako Biyu 1996 View
Mohammed, Alhaji Abdul Rauf ; Muyideen, Abdul Razak Tahir Teach Yourself Hausa / Koyi Da Kanka [2] 1995 View
Matsushita, Shuji Bargery Toolbox 1 Based on Rev. G. P. Bargery's A Hausa-English Dictionary: Hausa Dialect Vocabulary [1] 1993 View
Newman, Paul ; Newman, Roxana Ma Modern Hausa-English Dictionary / Sabon Kamus Na Hausa Zuwa Turanci 1992 View
Jaggar, Philip An Advanced Hausa Reader with Grammatical Notes and Exercises 1992 View
Bello, Ahmadu The Dialects of Hausa 1992 View
Akinrinola, Kayode; Ibrahim, Musa Hausa as a Language in the Junior Secondary Schools 1992 View
Leben, William R. Hausar Yau da Kullum 1991 View
McIntyre, Joseph ; Meyer-Bahlburg, Hilke; Lawal, Ahmed Tijani Hausa in the Media: A Lexical Guide: Hausa-English-German, English-Hausa, German-Hausa 1991 View
Furniss, Graham Second Level Hausa: Grammar in Action 1991 View
Banjo, Ayo; Marinho, H.; Ojajune, Ayo Quadrilingual Glossary of Legislative Terms: English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba 1991 View
Baba, M.G. Hausa Dalla-Dalla 1990 View
Newman, Roxana-Ma An English-Hausa Dictionary 1989 View
Baldi, Sergio A First Ethnolinguistic Comparison of Arabic Loanwords Common to Hausa and Swahili 1988 View
Awde, Nicholas; Ahmad, Sa'idu; Barau, Malam "21st Century" Hausa 1987 View
Dwyer, David J.; Yankee, Everyl African Language Resource Handbook: A Resource Handbook of the Eighty-Two Highest Priority African Languages 1985 View
Vatsa, Mamman J. English-Hausa-Nupe Picture Primer Series 1984 View
Smirnova, M.; Campbell, G. L. The Hausa Language: A Descriptive Grammar 1982 View
Diko, Inuwa Hausa by T.V. 1981 View
Hunter, Linda Karatu! Farkonka Mad'aci, K'arshenka Zuma / A Course in Intermediate Hausa 1981 View
Bagari, Dauda M.; Leben, William R.; Knox, Faye McNair Manual of Hausa Idioms 1979 View
Skinner, Neil A Grammar of Hausa with Answers for Nigerian Secondary Schools and Colleges 1979 View
Skinner, Neil Kamus na Turanci da Hausa / English-Hausa Illustrated Dictionary 1978 View
Cowan, J. Ronayne; Schuh, Russell G. Spoken Hausa 1976 View
Matsushita, Shuji A Comparative Vocabulary of Gwandara Dialects 1974 View
Newman, Paul ; Schuh, Russell The Hausa Aspect System 1974 View
Kraft, Charles H.; Kraft, Marguerite G. Introductory Hausa 1973 View
Kraft, Charles H. A Hausa Reader: Cultural Materials with Helps for Use in Teaching Intermediate and Advanced Hausa 1973 View
Skinner, Neil Hausa for Beginners 1972 View
Schön, James Frederick Grammar of the Hausa Language 1971 View
Maxwell, J. Lowry Yau Da Gobe: A Hausa Grammar for Beginners 1970 View
Skinner, A. Neil Hausa Readings: Selections from Edgar's Tatsuniyoyi 1969 View
Pilszczikowa, Nina The Changing Form (Grade 2) of the Verb in Hausa 1969 View
Kirk-Greene, A.H.M.; Aliyu, Yahaya A Modern Hausa Reader 1967 View
Kraft, Charles Workbook in Intermediate and Advanced Hausa 1966 View
Kraft, Charles Workbook in Introductory Hausa 1966 View
Skinner, Neil Hausa Langauge Course 1966 View
Kraft, Charles Cultural Materials in Hausa 1966 View
Westermann , D.; Ward, Ida C. Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages 1966 View
Kraft, Charles H.; Abubakar, Salisu An Introduction to Spoken Hausa: Preliminary Edition 1965 View
Hodge, Carleton T.; Umar, Ibrahim Hausa Basic Course 1963 View
Abraham, R.C. Dictionary of the Hausa Language 1962 View
Murphy, John D.; Murphy, John D. An Inductive Reader of Newspaper Hausa [1] 1960 View
Howeidy, A. Concise Hausa Grammar 1959 View
Skinner, A.N. Hausa English Pocket Dictionary / Kamus Na Hausa Da Turanci 1959 View
Schuh, Russell G. Hypercard Exercises for Hausa ---- View
Sani, M.A.Z. An Introductory Phonology of Hausa (for Schools) ---- View
Buba, Malami Hausa: A Ten Lesson Course in Spoken and Written Hausa ---- View
Krish, John; Sykes, Peter The Jesus Film Project: video website ---- View
Joint Language University ---- View
Global Language Online Support System (G.L.O.S.S.) ---- View
Mbeje, Audrey N. Online Multimedia Vocabulary and Pronunciation Project ---- View
Schuh, Russell Hausar Baka ---- View
LangNet - Multilingual Advanced Learning On-Line ---- View
The 200 Word Project ---- View
Familiarization Modules ---- View
Satellite Communications for Learning Association – SCOLA ---- View
Talking Dice ---- View

Your search yields 115 records (35 Authentic Materials and 80 Teaching Materials).
To see the Teaching Materials, click here.
To display one of these records in full form click on the "View" button to the right of the record you wish to view.
To sort, click on "Materials" or "Title".

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