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The Language Materials Project

The UCLA Language Materials Project (LMP) is an on-line bibliographic database of teaching and learning materials for over 150 Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Funded by the US Department of Education's International Education and Research program, the LMP was created in 1992. It is affiliated with the UCLA Center for World Languages. Both groups are members of the UCLA International Institute.

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      What this site offers

      Bibliographic Database of Teaching Materials:

      We provide full bibliographic information for each item in the database, including detailed annotations that describe the content and other features of the material, intended to help you find the most appropriate materials to meet your individual teaching and learning needs. When possible, we provide information on how to order materials. The LMP does not sell the materials found in the database. Please locate them from a bookseller or library.

      Language Portals:

      Each language portal contains information specific to a language on the LMP website, including links to the LMP citations for the language, links to relevant external websites, and a language profile. The profile provides a map, a description of key dialects, grammatical features, and a brief linguistic history.

      K-12 Gateway:

      Find communicative lesson plans and tools, information on foreign language frameworks and standards, and links to US resources for K-12 foreign language teachers.

      Materials Reports:

      These reports provide a summary of the types of teaching materials cited for each language in our database and can be used to assess the availability of teaching materials for the languages we cover.

      Authentic Materials:

      The LMP database includes sources of Authentic Materials. The Authentic Materials page of this website provides more information about the materials, and a guide to their use in the classroom.

      CARLA Institutional Database:

      We have collaborated with the University of Minnesota's LCTL project to link to their database of institutions that offer less commonly taught languages. This database represents over 2,000 North American institutions.

      CAL Database:

      We have collaborated with the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC and host their database of Teaching Materials for the less commonly taught languages on the LMP site.

      National Advisory Committee:

      Our National Advisory Committee comprises recognized experts in foreign language pedagogy across the country. Their role is to evaluate, monitor, and validate the LMP's scope and research methodology. The Committee members are:

      The LMP is funded by the US Department of Education, Title VI International Research and Studies Program (Program Officer: Timothy Duvall.). Support for work on Italian materials was initially provided through a grant from the National Italian American Foundation. Support for work on Authentic Materials was initially provided through a grant from the US Department of Education, Title VI Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access Program (Program Officer: Susanna Easton).